All the way from the most modern of homes to the cozy country cottage are now having kitchen fireplaces. At one time this was the norm when most cooking was done in a kitchen fireplace, now its mostly just for looks. There is a kitchen fireplace for every taste, though you lose some room you surely add lots of ambience.

Key Takeaways:

  • These days, the few kitchens that do include a fireplace don’t have them for cooking but instead for ambiance. In some cases they may help heat the space too.
  • Regardless how big a kitchen is, most people want to maximize storage and working space. Including a fireplace reduces both storage and working space.
  • Cost and space are 2 compelling reasons not to include a fireplace. Probably space constraints is the biggest reason kitchens don’t typically have a fireplace.

“After all, regardless how big a kitchen is, most people want to maximize storage and working space.”

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