As Orange County home Builders people will ask us if they can live in the home during the remodel.

Most of the time that is based on how big your project is.

Obviously if you’re dealing with every room in the house and there’s gonna be a big amount of changes, it’s kinda hard to live in the home and people make have to make a decision.

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There are options of looking to other places to live.  For instance, some people can rent an apartment for six months or so with a very big project, or they might live with relatives.  But in most cases we make provisions so you can live in the house if at all possible.
I’ve had people live in and make family rooms in garages with little kitchens while the bedrooms are still being able to be used or use whatever part of the house that we can keep separated from the construction and keep as clean as possible.  We can work with you being in the home.  I know it’s a very big expense to have to move out.  So, if at all possible we have you stay in the home.

We also keep the job clean everyday so it’s all cleaned up and all the trash is hauled very regularly so you don’t have a big mess you’re living in.  One of the most important things too is to be secure at night.  You want security, so we have you boarded up whenever we’ve had to open up walls or anything, and every night you’ll be secure.

Your utilities are, lots of times, a question whether they’ll be off for two or three days at a time.  Your utilities have to be shut off while the project’s being worked on, but never, ever, overnight.  We always make provisions so your electricity or your water or your gas can be turned back on by the end of the work day so you have all those, necessary utilities.  Thank you very much.

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