We were really pleased with the remodel we did in Corona Del Mar for Rebecca Gonzalez.  She is an avid fan of remodeling and Mid Century Modern Design.  She wrote all about her design and remodeling experience with us on her blog, midcenturymodernremodel.com.

Here is some of what Rebecca has to say about her new bathrooms.

Veni, vidi, vici. I came, I saw, I conquered. Attributed to Julius Ceasar, 47 BC. It is done. Final sign off from City of Newport Beach inspector happened last Friday. The punch list is complete. I wrote the last check to the contractor. The porta-potty has been removed. For Mother’s Day this past Sunday, I had a bath in my new tub. And Albert and I slept in the master bedroom for the first time in four and a half months. Whoot whoot.

Just to give you a feel for how long a home improvement project can take, I first contacted the architect in January, 2011. It took all year to plan the addition of one bathroom, the remodel of two others and upgrades to various infrastructure items (a total of about 160 square feet added). The last three months of the year were spent getting bids and vetting contractors, and procuring necessary plan approvals, HOA approvals and permits. Construction started on January 3, 2012. And the project officially completed today May 15, 2012. Four and a half months.

Do you remember the before pictures? Mid-Century Modern at its worst. Our bathroom had all of the features (small, pastels) and none of the charm (pink, foil wallpaper).

The guest bath got turned into a “spa” bath, keeping the aspects of mid-century we love like clean modern design, and discarding the unloved (tiny, beat up, cabinet doors that don’t open all the way and yellow).

The master bath was ridiculously small. Next to the toilet, the bathroom cabinet drawers could not actually open all the way. Therefore hard to clean and therefore, disgusting.

Now the master bath has a HUGE shower and a HUGE counter.

Here are a few pictures from her site that show the transformation of her beautiful house in Corona Del Mar.

The Guest Bath.

Orange County remodel and second story room addition by custom home builder Richard Louis Construction.