Designing a bathroom without windows isn’t impossible. In fact, it is actually one of the funner DIY remodeling jobs. And, it’s pretty simple to turn the room into a work of art with only a bit of inspiration and creativity needed. Read this information to learn how to make a windowless bathroom a beautiful creation inside of your home. It is a job that anyone can do and when the job is done, love the benefits that come with the project.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use light colors, mirrors to help make things brighter. Maybe add a few small plants.
  • Don’t clutter up the bathroom with a lot of decor or it takes away from the brightness you are trying to create. Don’t use items that aren’t moisture resistant.
  • lighting is also important. it was recommended to maybe add light around small mirrors and play with lighting positions like under the cabinet. Ventilation helps a lot as well.

“Ventilation is a big concern for homeowners with windowless bathrooms. There’s less ability for moisture to escape from the room, eventually causing mildew, build-up and odors in your bathroom.”

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