Striking design is always brought out by the use of contrast in decorating. Wall paint is a good space to try contrast without needing to redesign furniture. Normally one color predominates and is offset by an oposing color to accent it. Think black and white for a striking wall paint combination. Extreme contrast can use any color as long as they oppose each other on a color wheel. If you’re looking to tone down extremes, the proper use of neutrals will soften the look.

Key Takeaways:

  • First impressions of a room are lasting ones. Either it stands out or it is boring.
  • two colors are recommended one primary color and an accent color or use colors you think would not normally go together
  • Neutral colors can tone down a room. Texture is important. Don’t be afraid to experiment with shapes.

“Contrast is the secret ingredient that gives those memorable spaces their impact.”

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