Do you obtain the permit and take care of the inspections?

Permits and Inspections are a critical part of your home remodeling project in Orange County. Who takes care of getting them?

Here at Richard Louis Construction, we pull the permits for you.
We take care of all the inspections.I personally meet the inspector pretty much every time he comes out.
Most of the time people are gone so nobody can be there for the inspector. There needs to be someone there for him. I want to make sure that your job passes so there’s the least amount of time for your project. So I get on a personal basis with the inspector and he knows who I am and what type of work we do. We get through the inspections usually pretty well. That way your project goes smoothly.
If you’re using a contractor or someone who you think might be a contractor, they might ask you to pull the permits yourself.
That’s the worst thing you can do. Because, first of all, this person is probably not licensed so he can’t pull the permits. And second of all, whoever pulls the permits is responsible for them. You don’t want it to be you in case the contractor doesn’t finish your project. You want the contractor to be responsible for your permits. And so, we’ll pull the permits and we’ll take care of everything.
At the end of the project you’ll get your final building card with all the signatures on it to keep for your records. When you go to sell your home, it’s pretty important because the buyer will want to make sure that whatever you’ve done has been permitted. It makes your house more valuable. So you’ll have those records. The city will have them also but it’s also nice for you to have.


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