Room Addition and Remodeling Testimonial by Bob and Karen Dickson

KAREN: Hi, my name is Karen Dickson.

BOB: And I’m Bob Dickson.

KAREN: And, we live in, Fullerton California. We had a family room and partial kitchen room addition done by Richard Louis Construction and the reason we considered a room addition is our family room was relatively small and we were considering adding on.
We had looked for some people to do the reconstruction for us and one of our neighbors, we saw, was having some construction work done and we went over to see who was doing their work, and realized that it was Richard Louis Construction that was doing the work, and we saw that they were doing a really, really good job.
We spoke to our neighbors and they seemed really, really pleased with the work that was being done and they let us go in and look at it and it was phenomenal. And they had nothing but really good reviews.
So, we gave Richard a call. And I have to say I think my husband will attest to this as well, is when we made the first phone call, not only was he really receptive to us but, he was so incredibly prompt.

BOB: Yeah.

KAREN: The first visit.

BOB: The only contractor I’ve ever worked with that was always on time.

KAREN: And I have to say, that his promptness, in and of itself made a really good first impression because we’ve had other dealings with contractors in the past and haven’t been so pleased with that. But that was a really good first impression. Obviously we ultimately hired him and every experience after that was really very very good.

BOB: Very good.
The construction was top quality, it was within budget, and on time.
And those all things that were very important to me and I was very impressed with all those things. The quality, the timeliness, and the budget were all maintained perfectly.

KAREN: Yeah. And that, that is the big thing I think, that you pointed out Bob, was the timeliness. We were communicating with a lot of our friends who said, oh my gosh. You don’t possibly believe that they’re gonna finish on time do you? I said, yeah, you know what, he’s given us the estimated date. I have to say that the work was really, pretty much preformed within that date and if there was a delay or he did anticipate a delay he was very, very good about communicating the delay to us. I mean I was, I was so, surprised by that. Then as we went on, I just came to expect it. It was just so refreshing. Whenever I communicated the timeliness of the room addition project to, my friends who had had other experiences with contractors. They were kinda blown away by that.
It was such a pleasant experience for me.

BOB: The construction was done I’d say five to seven years ago and I was just commenting today it looks like it was done yesterday. We’ve enjoyed it immensely. The room has been done so nicely and we are able to entertain much better than we were before because we’ve expanded our family room. In fact, we’re sitting in the room addition right now that was remodeled by Richard Louis Construction.
We could not be happier!

KAREN: You know, another thing, is a lot of people when they come over to our house we will point out that this was a room addition and people are amazed that it is because you can’t really tell that it’s an addition.
You know oftentimes when you see a room addition, it’s apparent that it was an addition, but you really can’t tell that this was an addition. It looks like it was part of the original plan. They just did such a good, good job.
Something else that I do want to point out is the fact that the whole crew was very, very neat and tidy. Every day when they left they did such an impeccable job of cleaning up and gathering up their tools. When they were inside, you know there were obviously some days when it was very, very messy – where the project was very messy and there was debris all around. But each day when they finished a project, they did a really good job of trying to sweep up and clean up the best they could and try to make it a livable area for us on a given day, don’t you think?

BOB: That’s absolutely true. And although we were going through a remodel and we were going through a lot of disruption, the disruption was kept to a minimum.

KAREN: Yeah.

BOB: And, that was really, really appreciated.

KAREN: Yeah, I mean obviously there were periods where it was, you couldn’t wait for it to be over but they did their best to try to minimize that inconvenience for us.

BOB: The end product speaks for itself.

KAREN: Yeah. I would, I really would highly recommend them to anyone who needed to have a remodel done. I really would. I’m not just taking smack. I honestly was so, so pleased with their work. You know the people that we dealt with – their whole crew, we were very, very pleased.


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