Room Addition and Remodeling Testimonial by Greg Huysman

Hi, my name’s Greg Huysman. I live in Fullerton, California.
Just about four or five years ago I was looking to either sell my house or have my house totally remodeled.
At the time the real estate market took a dip so I talked to my real estate agent and they said, “You ever think about remodeling?” I said yeah, that’s a good idea. I never thought about that.
Remodeling would add value to my house on the real estate market. So I went ahead and started shopping around for contractors.

I strongly recommend Richard Louis

My neighbor across the street at the time happened to be a contractor, Richard Louis Construction.
I have been totally pleased with his work, the work that was done on my house. I had my kitchen totally remodeled, had my dining room expanded, my living room expanded, brand new bedroom addition, bathroom addition, walk-in closet, new floors, new tile. The house was completely repainted, new roof. Granite counter tops, marble counter tops. New appliances. New cabinets. It’s a, totally new house. And it’s beautiful.
I liked the experience with Richard. I contacted other contractors, but Richard was on time. It was a very easy experience step by step by step.
He would just walk me through everything, and you know, every two weeks, we’d meet every week and he says here’s the next step on the project. He gave me a target date on when everything would be completed. He came in on time.
I was not living in my house at the time. It took about five to six months, the process for remodeling my house.
The first step was I met with Richards designer and he came up with six different floor plans for me. We talked about his different ideas. He took six different floor plans and taped them up on a wall and I would just circle different things from each floor plan that I liked. And then he says, okay I’ll just put everything together. I’m just very pleased with the results.
Again, like I said, my name’s Greg Huysman in Fullerton, and if you, need a good contractor who’s very honest – on time, I strongly recommend Richard Louis. And if you’d like to contact me, Richard has my phone number.


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