Testimonial by Richard Wright

Hi. I’m Richard Wright. I live in Orange California.
Several years ago we decided to add on to our home and one of the comfortable aspects of doing it was having Richard do it because we had known him for a long time and we figured we could really trust Richard.
We added on, oh, seven or eight hundred square feet. We remodeled and did room additions of a master bedroom, bath, closets, small library. We extended the hallway and several other things around the house.

Testimonial by Ron and Ruth Egigian

RON: Hi, I’m Ron. This is Ruth, Egigian. We live in Yorba Linda, California. We’re here talking because we had Richard Louis Construction as our contractor. We didn’t see him for the architectural part but that was a mistake we made. It would have been better if we would have gone with him.
He did an incredible job.

Testimonial by Kevin and Tiffany Collins

KEVIN: We’re Kevin and Tiffany Collins, we live in Fullerton California. We had Richard do our house remodel about oh, 2005. Five Into six.
We were really fortunate in finding someone that I think was a perfect fit for our family.

TIFFANY: Into six. And it was a great experience for both of us, as we were going through this. We ended up having our entire house knocked down. You can imagine going from a very small home that had three bedrooms and one very small bath. To how many now?

Testimonial by Bob and Karen Dickson

We had a family room and partial kitchen room addition done by Richard Louis Construction and the reason we considered a room addition is our family room was relatively small and we were considering adding on.
We had looked for some people to do the reconstruction for us and one of our neighbors, we saw, was having some construction work done and we went over to see who was doing their work, and realized that it was Richard Louis Construction that was doing the work, and we saw that they were doing a really, really good job.

Testimonial by Greg Huysman

Hi, my name’s Greg Huysman. I live in Fullerton, California. Just about four or five years ago I was looking to either sell my house or have my house totally remodeled. At the time the real estate market took a dip so I talked to my real estate agent and they said, “You ever think about remodeling?” I said yeah, that’s a good idea. I never thought about that. Remodeling would add value to my house on the real estate market. So I went ahead and started shopping around for contractors. I strongly recommend Richard Louis.


Richard Louis Construction

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