Are there any hidden or additional charges?

Your Orange County remodeling contract will not have any hidden charges.

A lot of times a good question to ask is if there will be any hidden charges that are not on your contract that you’re going to be paying. A lot of times people assume that there are just going to be hidden charges. That shouldn’t take place unless for some reason there’s something on your home that wasn’t permitted properly that we weren’t informed about or something to that nature.
Pretty much your contract is going to be what you pay for the project. In most cases the only reason it gets raised up in price is because people like to add things. You know, they see all these beautiful tings taking place in their home and they wanna put more recess lights in or add something here or there to make it more livable…add cabinets and stuff because they see that their home is becoming beautiful and they want to do more. So usually that’s the only reason that your price goes up when you’re doing a kitchen or bathroom, bedroom, or so on…when you’re doing this type of project.


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